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Doo Doo Squad of Sacramento, California offers Weekly, Twice Per Week, Every Other Week and One-Time Pet Waste Removal Service. Additional Services that can be included with your dog poop removal service are deodorizing and neutralizing yards with our natural non-toxic enzymes. It’s totally safe for the environment and your yard, lawn, plants, pets and people. Services included are not just restricted to dog waste removal in backyard lawns. We provide dog poop pick up in kennels, patios, decks, bark, rock and more. Just ask and we will work out a custom quote if needed.

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We offer State of the Art Doo Doo Tracker service. All our full time technicians have GPS tracking so we can see the steps in each yard to verify service is completed. All company branded vehicles also have Live Satellite tracking for additional verification of services and help with driver and public safety. We even provide an automated text when on the way at no extra charge. We are locally owned and operated and have live local office staff in our Sacramento office to help with your account and support our techs why serving your yard. We not only provide top quality scooping but provide top quality customer service experience. You deserve the best with Doo Doo Squad.

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Our rates as shown are for ongoing weekly basic dog poop scooping service for the Sacramento and surrounding areas and are the starting rates based on how many dogs you have. Rates do not include any initial clean up fee if required. If you need a one-time clean up just contact us for a custom quote. Rates may vary based on terrain, location, lot-size, accessibility, frequency, quantity of dogs, yard condition and any custom requirements. We do not haul away the waste. We will bag and place the waste in your trash receptacle. If receptacle is not available it will be left near your gate or per your instruction. Promotional discounted rates are for new customers only for a limited time.

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