Terms of Service


As the customer, you are responsible for maintaining safe access throughout the yard and safe passage entering and exiting the yard on any service day(s). If we are unable to service due to accessibility or other restrictions, you will be charged for that visit’s attempt. Customer is responsible for alerting the office immediately in writing or phone call regarding the temperament of your dog(s) to ensure the safety of our technicians and your dog(s). Customers MUST report any changes to account status, service notes and/or updates, etc. to the office immediately. Field Technicians servicing your home are NOT responsible and CANNOT update customer accounts or process cancellations. Text messages are not actively monitored, we cannot verify your account status or discuss your account via text or other social media message systems. Customers must contact our office by phone or email on our contact page.     

Service Hours: Services will be completed anytime between 7am and 6pm Monday-Friday. We are closed weekends. Customers are not required to be home at the time of service as long as we have access to the yard and we have confirmation of the temperament of your dog(s) when scheduling service. We do not schedule times as our routes fluctuate week to week due to growth. Customer is responsible for updating our office staff with updated gate codes, combination locks or access codes prior to service.   

Locked Gates need to be unlocked on your service day by 7am (start of business on service day). If you have a keyed entry, please use a “hide-a-key” method and update the office in writing or phone call so we can make permanent notes on the account to ensure all of our technicians are aware of where to access your key. We recommend  a combination lock for ultimate ease of service. Please update the office via phone or email with the combination code so we can access the yard and prevent an unsuccessful service attempt. If we are unable to access the yard due to a locked gate upon our arrival, you will be charged for the cleanup/visit attempt.

Community Gate Codes are your responsibility to provide the code and update the office by phone or email if your community gate code changes periodically. Field Technicians are not responsible and do not have access to updating your account, gate codes must be updated with our office staff. 

Doo-Doo Tracker: All Doo Doo Squad service technicians have a GPS tracking device on their person while performing service, so we can verify and confirm that service is being provided in real time via our Quality Assurance Satellite System. Additionally, all company branded vehicles have satellite tracking for additional verification of arrival and departure when servicing your property. You may also opt-in to our automated text service, “Doo-Doo Tracker” to receive a text when we are on the way. We do not provide a refund if text or tracking information is not transmitted. Please reach out to your cellular carrier to ensure our SMS transmissions are not being blocked or flagged as spam. “Doo Doo Tracker” is a free, bonus amenity with our service. 

Number of Pets, notification of any changes in the number of dog(s) in your household is required and prompt payment of associated balances are due immediately. Additionally, our Field Technicians will record and verify the number of dogs listed on your account and unusual increases in waste or conditions and will subsequently be reported to management for account review. Households that fail to inform management of the correct number of dog(s) that are being serviced shall result in additional charges. 

Service Area(s) by default, Doo Doo Squad services primarily backyards. If front yards or additional areas are in need of service, customers must request so in writing and shall be subject to additional charges.  

Deodorizing Treatment is applied once per month as a standard on the first full week of each month. Customers may request weekly Deodorizing Treatment for an added cost.    

Service Intervals Service times will vary each week and are not guaranteed to be consistent. Should your service day change, you will be notified in writing. 

Dog Waste is expertly “scooped” and bagged using proprietary approved waste bags and disposed of in customer’s waste receptacle. Please be sure to have a waste receptacle accessible to technicians on your service day. If a waste receptacle is not available, the waste bag will be left at your gate. Our technicians are NOT permitted to carry dog waste away from your property, and will not be transported. We are not equipped to dispose of the waste for you. 

Gates and Latches, for the safety of your dog(s) and property, it is your responsibility to maintain your gate and latch. We are not responsible for any faulty, broken or damage to gates or latches and canines breaching your fence line. 

One Month Free Promotion, If service is canceled for any reason by either party within 12 consecutive months of service start date, promotional free month of service will be forfeited, and charged for all services rendered per the normal monthly rate. All balances will be due upon cancellation or termination of services. 

Promotions may not be combined at any time.

Holidays 2023: Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving,  Christmas Day and Tuesday the 26th. You will receive service on new years day if that falls on your normal service day. Holidays off are not prorated as there will be 2X the amount of waste on your next normal service day when regular service will resume.

Refunds and 100% Money Back Guarantee are valid for regular weekly service. Initial cleanups and One-Time Cleanups do not qualify. If service is not satisfactory, please send us a photo and location of the area we missed, and we will schedule a prompt re-scoop. If we are unable to schedule a re-scoop prior to your next service, a full refund will be given at the regular weekly rate. It is the customer's responsibility to inform us of any issues immediately following service, so we can correct any concerns or issues in a timely manner. Retroactive refunds will not be issued for complaints or concerns that are beyond the current week of service. Refunds will not exceed the amount of 1 week of regular service. 

Inclement Weather, Smoke or Road Blockages, may make it hazardous or impossible to make a scheduled cleanup. In this event, we will be responsible for servicing your yard on your next service day and no refund will be provided as the next service will be double the amount of scooping. 

Balances Due not received upon scheduled due date, a $20 late fee will automatically be applied. Balances due not received within thirty (30) days will be sent into collections.

Paused or Suspend Service, If for any reason your pet(s) will not be using the yard for a certain period (i.e. vacation, illness, etc.) and you do not wish to be charged for an unnecessary visit(s), please call 48 hours in advance to suspend service. Excessive pauses or suspension of services may lead to cancellation of service or processing fees. 

Doo Doo Squad assumes no liabilities for damages to yards, gates, pets or other properties.

Fees and Promotions are subject to change at any time. In this rare circumstance, you will be notified by email on file at least 15 days prior. 

Initial & One Time Clean-Up Fees: if the amount of waste exceeds what was communicated to the sales team when technician arrives for service, customer accepts and authorizes a $25 to $75 additional clean up fee to be charged to your account upon the determination of management. If the waste is excessive and beyond the scope of what was communicated, we reserve the right to cancel and not provide service and a refund will be provided, minus a $75 service call fee. 

Autopay: Ongoing weekly service customers will be automatically enrolled in monthly auto-payment billing with the payment information submitted at time of sign up. Auto payment will initiate on a recurring cycle, on the same calendar day each month to which your initial billing was processed. We do not accept cash, checks, COD’s, cash apps or any other forms of payment. All services rendered are prepaid. 

Rates: As of January 1st 2023 rates increased for current customers to our newly posted rates that took place in late 2022. If you were on your promotional period during this transitional time you will be upgraded to our current advertised rates on our website. 

The adjustment is so we can continue providing you and your family with dog waste clean up service. Due to Increasing costs for materials, insurance, labor, fuel, and regulatory compliance have made a price increase necessary for all of our customers. 

We look forward to continue providing you with a one of a kind service so you never have to scoop Doo Doo again.  If you have any questions or comments, please give us a call. We cant thank you enough for your business. 

Either party may terminate service (in writing) at any time. Unpaid balances are due upon cancellation. 

Terms of Service may be updated periodically and as the customer it is your responsibility to check back on this page for any updates. 

By initiating service, both parties agree to the above terms and responsibilities.


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