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Rocklin, CA: A dynamic city in Placer County, known for its strong community bonds, excellent schools, and diverse recreational opportunities. Its charming downtown area and numerous parks provide residents with a well-rounded lifestyle, blending urban amenities with natural beauty.

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Rocklin Service Areas

Dog Poop Service Areas

We provide Rocklin poo pickup in the following zip codes:

95677, 95765

Things to do with your Dogs in Rocklin

RRUFF Dog Park

RRUFF Dog Park, located within Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin, offers designated spaces for large dogs, small dogs, and special needs dogs. Each section includes agility equipment, climbing structures, trees, and picnic tables, creating a scenic off-leash experience.

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine

They have a dog-friendly patio. They specialize in unique dishes from Mexico, with diverse herbs and ingredients.

Antelope Creek Trail

Explore a scenic 2.9-mile trail near Rocklin, perfect for dog on a leash. This trail offers an easy route, typically taking around 54 minutes to complete. It's ideal for bird watching, road biking, and running, with minimal crowds for a peaceful experience. The best times to visit are from March to October.

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