Dog Poop Pick-Up and Deodorizing Services

Our Dog Poop Pick-Up Services!

Greater Sacramento dog owners love having a service that takes care of the never-ending chore. If you have a dog, our service is perfect for you. We clean up dog poop so you don’t have to. Our goal is to remove pet waste and make sure your yard is free of dog poop, so that you, your pets and family can enjoy a safe, sanitary environment. Our Sacramento California dog waste removal service makes having a dog that much more enjoyable with one less thing to worry about.

We also make the cleaning process very simple. Your Doo Doo Squad will service your home whether you are home or not and get the job done. You are also welcome to leave your dog in the yard during our visits. Our technicians are highly experienced with dogs and of course we love them very much so they will be in good hands. We always assume a dog is in the yard upon entry and leaving, so don’t worry, those gates will always be closed. Even if you have a sneaky little rascal we are always prepared to keep them safe and secure in the yard.

Homes, Apartments, HOA’s, Dog Parks

We service many property managements in Sacramento with dog waste removal service and help with rentals, apartments, HOA’s and Dog Parks. This is a great service to help maintain a property, keep your tenants happy and attract new ones. If interested in services, just contact us for a custom quote.


Emergency Service

Have a last minute party, BBQ, lawn dart or bocce ball event? If you need that lawn scooped or deodorized and neutralized with our non-toxic environmentally safe spray, we always try to help. Give us a call for a one-time dog poop removal service. Warning: You might just like it and want us to keep coming back week after week.

Other Animal Pet Waste

We get asked all the time by Sacramento, California pet owners if we will pick up waste after horses, pigs, cats and even off carpet in homes. We are the Doo Doo Squad at 916-Dog-Poop so we only remove dog waste from yards and do not enter homes. We love all animals and helping out clients, so if we see a few here and there from that pesky neighborhood cat or wild turkey in your yard, we will do our best to scoop it while we scoop up after your dog.

Deodorize and Neutralize

We help create a healthy and safe environment for Sacramento pet owners.

Clean - Deodorize - Neutralize

Many Sacramento dog owners don’t realize that dog waste is actually considered a harmful pollutant containing millions of bacteria, organisms and parasites that not only infect our pets and people but has a major impact on our Sacramento waterways, oceans and the wildlife in them. Rainwater washes dog waste into our water ways, affecting drinking water, swimming pools, streams, rivers and oceans, which has an impact on wildlife. Dog waste isn’t something you should ever use as fertilizer to help your plants grow as it can be harmful to the health of you and your family and needs to be removed. Doo Doo Squad helps many Sacramento pet owners with this task to help maintain a healthier environment for your home and the surrounding environment by removing these contaminants on a regular basis.

This is why we don’t just scoop yards; we spray them with our environmentally-friendly, nontoxic, natural enzyme solution. This helps break down those itty-bitty pieces of fecal matter and also helps with urine odor. If done on a regular basis you can expect to have a healthier yard and environment for you and your family.

Why Does Doo Doo Squad of Sacramento Care So Much?


Children of Sacramento, California could be exposed to harmful bacteria, organisms and parasites in animal waste that could infect them and our pets. That’s why we scoop pet waste and spray yards to try and help.


Living in greater Sacramento and owning a pet adds one more chore to be done. Your life can be hectic enough at times and that’s why having a pooper scooper that removes dog waste for you helps making having a dog so much easier with less to worry about.


Having service and spray on a regular basis helps reduce your dog’s exposure to a variety of harmful bacteria, organisms and parasites, keeping your dog healthier and happier.

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